Orders are 3-4 weeks behind, if you order today, expect your products to be shipped 3-4 weeks later. Sorry for the inconvenience in advance. Thanks.



I received the minis today. I am very pleased with the way they turned out! They look amazing and the turnaround time was excellent. If there a platform that you prefer me to leave a positive review? Thanks again!

Jesse Coe
Nashboro Golf Club
(615) 812-7349


Hey Craig, I just wanted to let you know I received the minis yesterday. Thank you for the extra little goodies and for picking an awesome mix of colors and plastics. I am very pleased with the outcome and look forward to working with you again in the future.

Ilya Newell, UpShot Disc Golf


Thanks a bunch for the minis. I’ll definitely be ordering more in the future from you. These are awesome man. And thank you for throwing in a few extras. The foil covered minis are pretty awesome. Thanks!

DJ Gilbert


Today mini arrived at our house. Thank you for quick response. We will contact you again once the details of the event are decided.

Kazuhiko Gomibuchi,  JAPAN


“We just got our minis for our wedding gifts. They are fantastic. Very
quick turnaround, even to Canada! Easy order all around, Thanks

Canadian Phil


Got my order Friday. Those Picos are just too cool! Thanks for the cosmos also that was one I didn’t have and the stamp on the purple is beautiful. I may have to order up some more Picos soon to hand out but I believe Wes is about ready to have some stuff done for the shop so you should be hearing from him soon too. Anyway thanks again I love em all.



Got the box of goodies!!! Thanks again for everything, everyone will be loving these for sure!!!

Keystone Disc Golf


Just got them in Craig  , very happy with your product  , i will be in touch to buy more in the future  , i like your mix of colors/stamp foils . How did you feel about the gummys ..? seemed to stamp ok huh .? i like the feel of those but so does my 4 year old so they might be spoken for ! He is the mini collector of the house


I got them the other day. Got all tied up with the Holiday and tourney. The minis look excellent! Can’t wait to give them out to the club. I really like the Aerofoil too. That might be on the list for the next one.
Happy New Year!

Thanks again,


Package of minis arrived today….HOLY *%!@ THEY ARE PRETTY. Wanted to say Thank You for your quality workmanship and detail on our minis. League member and tournament players alike will love these. WC Glow is proud to represent Zing minis during our rounds.

Scott Sprow, Washtenaw County Glow (Ann Arbor, MI)


Just got home and opened the box. Most excellent! Love that COZMO mold! Keep those stamps ready – these should go fast ?
Thanks again


Hi Craig ?
We got the mini’s today and we are beyond happy with them! Not only did you do an amazing job on the design and printing but the disc themselves are awesome too! Great plastic that fly’s like no other mini we have and we have a lot. Thank you so much for helping make our special day even more special.

Amanda & Adam


Thanks for such a speedy delivery. I returned from a backpacking trip and they were in my mailbox waiting for me. I love the rainbow stamps and the unique flex they have. Keep up the great work!



Hey Craig,
I received the discs in the mail today and they are so great!. I just wanted to say thank you. They look amazing and are going to be perfect at the wedding. You really helped to make our day extra special. I am going to recommend you to everyone that I know. The quality is terrific and the price can not be beat.

Thanks again!


Hey there!I received the discs today and I got a chance to throw the COZMO around a bit. GREAT DISC! It has amazing glide and great turn without being completely flippy (it’s unlike the little flyer, which is too understable for a real throw). It may be the perfect beginner/intermediate disc or tailwind approach disc for experienced players. Great job! Thank you!


Craig,Got it in, thanks a ton! They look great! You went the distance for these stamps! Love the jelly bean, oil slick, and fireworks/party time stamps!!!! CAME THROUGH HUGE!

Rob P.


Hi Craig,
Got the minis in today, and I love them! Thank you again for the quick turnaround. If you ever need a testimonial, I’d be happy to help.
Have a great weekend, and thanks again!



Craig , they look great.  Thanks for getting my order together so quickly.



Just wanted to send you a thank you. The minis look fantastic.



Baggage arrived.
Thank you for quick correspondence.
The finish is wonderful, too.

Kazuhiko Gomibuchi(Bucci)
PDGA 8190
JPDGA   195
MDGF  #77(First Japanese Honorable Member)


 Your minis came out excellent.  Thanks again Zing!



They are absolutely wonderful thank you so much Craig ….much better quality than what I was getting ….very very happy with them!  Everyone loves the scent and then I played catch with my nephew they fly awesome.  You have my business for sure!



Hi Craig, I just received the mini discs today and wanted to tell you that they are awesome!  Great combination of colors and the graphics came out nice too.  The guys are really going to love these.  We’ll definitely consider you when we decide to get a large quantity of something for our fall tournament!  Very happy with them.Sincerely,

F. Omland


Amazing speed! Well done. They are great! Thanks Craig!

L. Morgan


PERFECT!!! You are the MAN!! Even Better than I Imagined!!
Cant wait to show the others!!
Feel free to get a hold of me if there is anything else!

Thanks again,


Just got the new batch! Thanks so much. They look great. I’m sure I’ll be contacting you again soon!

Chris K.


These are the greatest minis I have ever touched! My group is going to eat these up! Hopefully I sell out quickly and we can do it again….

R. Hiers


Got the order in RECORD time and as always we are grateful for your work.  Everything looks awesome and I even found the double stamp hidden in the box.  Might want to order some more of those styles.  I believe that we have sold a third if not more of the minis already as Glow season here is in full effect.  What ever mix you use to mold these bad boy is the brightest glowing longest lasting I have seen since the old school photon’s that discraft used to make.
I can’t thank you enough for all that you do.



I received the discs, very quickly after we last e-mailed, and have been loving the discs. They are great throwers, and I really like the variety of plastics. I will definitely be back for more!
Thanks again!


I want to say thank you for sponsoring IL13 Deaf National Championship event. It was my first and memorable deaf disc golf event. Keep it up.




That’s awesome I just got them today! I just started thinking about them today and it’s funny they came the same day. They look great I really appreciate it!



Hi Craig!

got the package to day and the minis look great !
Thx for a great job !
I look forward to trying them out !

Roar (From Norway)


Thanks Craig. The minis came in today super fast!



We go the minis today. They look AWESOME!

We’re excited to start getting them out to our club members on Saturday.

Thanks again for all the hard work you did for us. You can count on a public thank you at our event and a link on our web site.

I have a feeling we’ll be ordering more very soon.



Craig, thanks, awesome job as always, I got the Spring Flush minis yesterday and John got the Dic’n For Dog minis yesterdays.  Thanks so much for the work and sponsorship.




The minis were a great success at the fall classic here at Oller’s Acres. Many thanks.



Staci brought them over last night and they look awesome!  Thanks for the great work and great customer service!

Thank You,



Thanks again had the tag round today and everything went off without a hitch and everyone loved the minis.

Thanks again
Nick Cookman
Midland disc golf club.


I received the Mini’s within 2 days time, That is unreal be anyone’s standard.  Your turnaround time match with the quality of product that you produce never ceases to amaze me.  I continue to tell others of your mini’s and ease of ordering.

The new Micro’s are just what we were hoping for, A mid range mini that rest’s inside the farthest flying mini I have ever owned make it a perfect addition to anyone’s bag.  I have seen and throw the micros an easy 200 ft and would like to believe that others could get them out there farther.  The combo’s that came in matching glow set the bar for all other container minis out there and I sure that you will continue to stay a cut above the rest as the minis and products that you come out with will forever be a couple steps ahead of the market.

Thanks again for the Mini’s and you should be hearing from me soon as I think we have already sold out of the new batch..

Gabe 24 Chains



Yes, I did receive them. They are very nice. Like I thought, I fell in love with the sparkle confetti aerofoil. I have received slight grief for the hearts imbedded. Oh well. It turns out that I have been using a Driven Zing mini for some time now. I did not even realize it.    Just placed an order with MSt and used another sparkle heart mini with No Low Putts stamp to bring my order to free shipping value. I will continue to look for the Zing name.




The minis are great once again. I posted a picture of them on the Legacy Discs Facebook page for our Ace Run next week. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=466956289998932&set=a.261193230575240.77005.256108067750423&type=1&theater

People are loving them.
Steve V.



Yes, they were waiting for me when I got in last night from working on the course. Love the variety of plastics and foil colors …overall extremely pleased.

Thank you, I’m sure we will do biz again in the future.


Craig the minis arrived today…. They look great!! Fun to throw… Cant wait to give them out at our bbq!!

Thx again, Tracy and Wade


I just got the minis. They look awesome! Thanks for everything. Let me know when you get a new mold especially if its the container mini. Really looking forward to that.
P.S. Digging the Corona box you sent them in! lol

Steve V.


There minis were very well received and I can’t say enough great things about them.  It is unbelievable to order them and have them with in a weeks time…  Simpy unreal.
PLEASE Keep me in the loop as for what you have brewing up your sleeve,  I have told peoples about the container minis and they are anxious for those..  The sparkle that came are awesome as my daughter (4) grabbed one and would not give it back due to the fairy dust and heart sparkles…  My son (2) was fixated on the glows and took clam to a couple.

All in all I’m totally blown away with your product and service as I was last time I ordered and will be the next order I make which should been soon as I can’t even keep these in my hands.
Side Note, I have watched many people throw these into the 300 foot range and beyond.

Happy Hucking and thanks again,



Really liked the confetti ones in the last batch.



And yesterday I got the package! Thanks! The minis are so cool! I liked them all and the specially “oxygen” was really beautiful!

Heikki (8 day order to Finland!)


Hey Craig, the minis came in yesterday and they are perfect. We are actually going to use some of them as bag-tags for the LSU club (going to number them, drill a small hole in it and loop a key chain through).

Thanks again,


Hey Craig, I got my mini’s in last Wednesday but haven’t had the chance to email you but they look awesome. Thanks a ton.




The minis looks awesome. And you had a very quick turnaround on them. We will definitely be looking to business again in the future.

Thanks again


Thank You So Much!

As always, we are more than happy with the quality of our disc order and amazed at the speed of delivery. Stamping and delivering over 400 custom discs in less than two weeks is impressive indeed! No wonder you make our “Preferred Provider” listing.

Zing Minis have been included in the players packages of the last five tournaments we have been involved with and have proven to be a favorite with our players. The sight of over a hundred players gathered around a box smelling the minis may seem strange to many people. What can I say but ‘welcome to the wonderful world of disc golf’. Then there is the discussion of what that smell is, is it bubblegum? No…cherry? Maybe pineapple? no…

All I can say is a portion of this last order is being shipped to our Chapters in Carnation, Washington and Phoenix, Arizona. where, you can be sure, the madness will continue.

Thank you so much for continuing to produce a superior product!

Edie Houston
Disc Golf Outlaws


Hi Craig,

Wow !!!!!!!!!! …. they are fantastic!! … great Job Craig. Can’t wait to give them away. I really think that my costumers will love them.
Can’t wait to see the Montreal Classic minis too.

That’s it, I only want Zing Minis now … ; )

Michel St-Pierre (CANADA)


we got the minis and we are really exited, looking forward to give them away in our presidents cup in may!
Hanne Tosterud (CANADA)


Got the Zing’s today and they look great! Thanks again…hopefully we will have to order more soon. And if you ever need a reference please let us know. Great product and great turnaround time.
Christopher Johnson


Got’m! Threw ’em! Minis are sweet. Like that the glo minis are a bit brighter than the last batch. We like good glo! Thanks for hooking me up again. “That’s what I like about the Snipe!” Maybe I’ll do a little clip of that saying and send it to you. That will be a fun thing to do for you!

MDGF #.00002


Got the minis…they look great! I’ll probably be circling back with you next spring to get some minis for our annual sanctioned event. Thanks again…have a great holiday season.

Jerry Kingston



We received the order you put together. The mini’s look great! Thanks so much for all your work, we appreciate it!! We will be recommending you and giving you thanks at our club events.

Thanks again!! Love them J



Got the minis in today, they look great! thanks for mixing up the mini colors and stamp colors so well! Much appreciated, and if I ever hear of anybody needing this service, I am sending them your way for sure! Thanks again




Just wanted to let you know that the custom minis that we ordered for our wedding were a hit. The guests were really impressed, and our golfing friends were blown away!

Thanks again for a great design
James and Michaela


i got the minis yesterday and Damn they are Sah-Weet…  Thanks again for
everything and happy hucking.


The tournament is finally over and in the books… Everyone loved the minis!!!  We also held the first ever (to my knowledge) Zing Mini Distance Battle.
Competitors were given 1 hour to throw as many times as they could. They were only allowed to use a zing mini of course.
1st place was an AM and he threw 265ft. We are almost 100 percent sure this was the first ever measured zing distance toss in the State. So we set a New Oregon State Zing Mini distance record at 265ft.
Thanks again for the kick ass minis.

Nathan Baker


We just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did for us.  You will definitely be hearing from us again.
The discs came out perfect and we love the different scents.  The timeliness of the order and shipment were unmatchable.  You are a great person to do business with.  Ben told us to call you, and he was definitely right.  We have already given others your information.
Thank you again!
David and Cheryl Lilly


I’ve sold alot of Zing! minis just by demonstrating how far they fly!   I mean I can put some anny on it and it hyzers out!  I’m throwing it in the 200 ft. range.  People are amazed and snatch one up right away!

Chris P.

“I really love your mini molds, and am wondering how I get more. Thank you for pimping the mini scene! “

Thanks –

oh DUDE… We went out to a tourney in the woods, and i had it in my back pocket…. we stopped to meet a few friends and i threw it so hard… OMG 200+ feet easy. SO STABLE! SO SWEET!  YES.
I would like to order a hundred right now…

Everyone that saw the mini was like damn how do i get one… LOL


July 14, 2009

They turned out great!  I love the sparkle bubblegum glow!   I’ll definitely be ordering more Zing! minis.
Thanks Craig,


July 15th 2009

I LOVE the minis.  thanks so much for the quick work and they look great. (smell great too)  I will for sure be ordering more from you again in the future.  The variety is awesome, love the glitter, the multi color stuff, all great. But I know nothing about plastics, and have no time to learn…my point is that I can see that you probably had a lot of fun developing your Zing mini and I think it’s great that you play around with the plastics just to make them even more interesting.  Keep up the great work!
Thanks again

Tom Yocky

Mon 7/13/09 3:45 PM


Just finished our event The Rose City Open and what a great success.  The players were totally stoked to get a Zing Mini in their players pack.  Our club, Stumptown Disc Golf Club, is now looking at getting a run with just our logo on them.

Thanks again,
Bob Cabal
Stumptown Disc Golf Club
Vice President/Competition Director