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So it is likely that many of you know that I personally own a 3D printer and have used it over the last year or so to conceptualize and create some of my new discs. The COZMO is a primary example. I continue to use this great tool of FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) to make new creations for the sport of Mini Disc Golf.

Some History:

FLashForger Creator

In September of 2014 I saw an Engineer friends 3D printer in action and I was very impressed with its capabilities and thought, “Why can’t I use this technology to create the next Mini Disc?”  So I purchased the Flashforge Creator in November and started doodling with designs from www.thingiverse.com.

The prints I made were quite intriguing as I fumbled around with the Gcode and programs associated with printing that perfect object.  I quickly realized that I needed to brush up on my CAD skills and started using 123D Design and Autodesk Fusion 360 to make my creations come to life. I eventually made my own disc cavity and core that was printed from the 3D printed material and shot plastic into it. Here are the images of it:


With this said, I can realize just about any 3D model into a plastic printed part. If you have a disc design, or any other design you want made, just contact me and I can arrange a demonstration or perhaps send you a printed sample. Just ask!