The Microfoil will fit inside of the Snipe and COZMO to make an air tight container.


NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR GLOW DISCS!!  (Glows are usually mixed in with orders. However, if you want 30 or more glow minis with your minimum order, $00.10 cents extra per mini apply)

Foil Colors: Metallic: Red, Black, Purple, Gold, Silver, Blue, Pink, Rainbow, Green,(some rainbow and effect foils available, ask upon ordering)

Pigment: White, Black, Yellow, Green, Purple

How The minis are made:

The Hot stamping process is defined as:

In a hot stamping machine, a die is mounted and heated, with the product to be stamped placed beneath it.  A metallized or roll-leaf carrier is inserted between the two, and the die presses down through it. The dry foil used is impressed into the surface of the product.

When making artwork for a hot stamp die please consider that there will be a certain amount of die penetration into the disc (over stamping). The penetration will change on different color of discs and will not be consistent throughout a mixed order. Consider spacing text and logo characters in your artwork widely enough to accommodate your stamp.

Some foils work well across all artwork platforms; others will either stamp heavy or light depending on the layout. Expect some variation with your logo onto the Zing minis. I will do my best to avoid stamping like foils on the same color discs unless asked to do a “ghost” stamp or otherwise..

Artwork / Logo

* Email camera ready, black & white line-art, 300 dpi (no grey shading)

* Acceptable formats are: .tif .jpg.gif, png,eps, and .pdf only.

* Maximum Logo Diameter: 3 inches, Avoid solid coverage areas larger than a thumbnail. Large solid coverage areas do not stamp well as air gets trapped and causes bubbles. Using outlines helps in most cases. What works for a large disc may not work for the Zing Mini. I suggest printing your artwork “to-size” (3?) and hold the image arms-length from your eyes. Can you read it? If not, consider changing your logo for the best impression!

* If you need us to do your artwork, It’s FREE. Just ask!! (1st logo sample only. $35/hour thereafter) You must place an order before the FREE artwork is submitted. If changes need to be made to your file, you may be subject to a pro-rated design fee of $35/hour.

* FREE Set-up and Die charge

I will not produce any copyrighted/trademarked logos without prior approval from their owners.

Smelly Minis Available