CAD rendered, 3D printed basket trophies. Gold, Silver and Bronze. Weighted plastic-over-marble base. Each unit weighs 9 ounces. Heights 12” (gold) 11” (silver) 10” (bronze). Each trophy comes with a 2” dia number plate. 1”x2” angled plaque space on front base (not supplied). Sturdy and durable.


$45 for Set of 3 (1st, 2nd, 3rd) Plus shipping

Full Metal Jacket Minis:

Injection molded core, gold or chrome coating on entire exterior of disc. Four discs available in this new breakthrough technology. Orb, Cozmo, Pico and Pico Tag are available to top print in full-color. Perfect for personalized awards, photos of people, birthday and wedding announcements, and pets.


Orb, Cozmo: 25 pc minimum. Up to 5 images $9 each
Picos, Bag Tags: 25 pc minimum. Up to 5 images, $5 each